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I love the products and want to buy the MP business pack but I don't want to sell anything.  Is that ok?

YES!  There is absolutely zero commitment to sell when you are a Market Partner.  Many people are MP's for the hefty discount :)

I'm still really confused on the VIP thing.  Help!

The VIP program is a program created to reward clients committed to the products.  It's a one time fee of $19.99.  You need to make three orders total of $84 or more.  Your first order counts as one of those orders.  You also get free shipping and 15% off of all products!  There is not a timeframe in which you need to order by.

I still don't know what products to purchase!

Still confused?  Send me a message or give me a call.  Tell me about your hair!

Do you love all of the products?

No.  There have been products that I have used and haven't liked (mainly stying products).  My husband did not like the Black Shampoo (he legit thought I was trying to kill him).  He was sensitive to the peppermint.  He loves the other shampoos though!

Ok, so then what are your favorite products?

For a solid two years I was faithful to the Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner (I wanted length) paired with the Intensive Repair Spray (about 6 months).  I love the Volume System and the Smoothing System.  For styling products, I am faithful to rejuvenique oil, rejuvabeads, rejuvamist, blow out cream and the dry shampoo.

I bought the system and now I hate it.  What can I do?

Monat has an awesome 30 day return policy!  Return anytime within that time frame for a full refund.  Really.  That said, Monat has a less than 1% return rate on their products.  Crazy, right?

I want to try this selling thing but I am SO shy.  The thought of harassing people to buy my shampoo makes me want to throw up.

You and me both!  While I wouldn't consider myself as shy, I would say that I am an introverted extrovert (or an extroverted introvert?).  Point being, I do NOT want to be pushy.  Think of it as just talking about a great hair product that you found.  The easiest thing you can do is to share it with friends and family first.  The rest will come easier.

I've read some pretty nasty things about Monat online...

Without going into a tangent complete with arm flailing, I will let you check out a few great websites:

Some people will have a bad reaction to an oil or an ingredient.  While I do not know anyone personally who had a bad reaction, I do not doubt that it is out there.  People CAN have adverse reactions to a product.  It's ok.  They should move on.

Can I call you?  I have so many questions!

YES!  Call anytime, 608-630-0652.