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Why me? Why my team?

You could be here for a variety of reasons:

  • Research
  • Information
  • To creep
  • Marketing Materials

You are interested.

Network marketing is here to stay.  It's been successful and furthermore, most of the world's millionaires have had some level of network marketing to point to their success (seriously, google it).

I genuinely want you to succeed and to be successful.  I've made money.  A lot.  Whether you want to bring in a consistent paycheck for necessities or just want a side hustle or a vacation fund, you CAN DO THIS.

I know, you don't have time.  To put things into perspective, I'm a hot mess.  I'm a mom, a wife and the part owner of a very successful photography company, Twig & Olive Photography.  I travel (more than I would like) for work.  I don't know what day it is half of the time.  I aspire to be a pinterest mom but I'm the one who buys the bag of kit kats in for school parties and calls it a day.  I'm an (intentionally) imperfect mess.  

That said, my baby is loved (well she's 5, so not so little anymore). I'm a good wife and I have a marriage that most people envy.  Our daughter has more stamps in her passport already than most people do in their lifetime.  We have nice things.  We travel.  I am a hard working entrepreneur.  I AM A HARD WORKING ENTREPRENEUR.

I have time.  I make time.  Residual income is so important.  I want to do the hard work now so that I don't have to in the future.  I am setting something up for my kids and for their kids.  This is how much I believe in this company.

So back to the question, WHY BOBBI?  Why should you join my team?

Every new MP will receive the following from me:

  • 100 custom designed and printed business cards (remember that photography thing I mentioned? I know how to make pretty things in photoshop).
  • 50+ digital marketing images completely custom to YOU.
  • 3 MP interest kits (do you know someone who wants a side hustle?  Beautifully packaged and custom designed packs to give to three of your best prospects!).
  • Updated monthly marketing images for you to post to social media.
  • All of the custom support you need.  Have a question?  I'M HERE.  Monat truly is a family.  We are a strong FUN female dominated team of industry leaders.

Sound like your jam?  Contact me for more info or just go to and click JOIN!

Examples of business cards and custom marketing materials: