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My Monat Journey

I HATED MLM’s.  Huge, major eye roll.  I hated the marketing, hated the cheap products, hated how I was added to 873 different facebook groups and hated how I was friend requested and them private messaged about how much I could benefit from xyz.  I was annoyed, infuriated and angry.  … and I judged.  A lot.  

Imagine my surprise when 3 years ago I purchased my first MLM product and  I was so embarrassed.  Literally embarrassed.  I kept my dirty little secret for over a year and a half.  

When MONAT exploded into the female photography industry, I was still judgey mc-judgerson.  I still rolled my eyes at the posts that came through my feed every day.  I couldn’t open up facebook without seeing another one of my photography friends announcing their sudden love after one use of MONAT and then (surprise!) they were selling it.

I was narrow minded and small hearted.

My mindset has completely changed on any and all MLM’s.  Who cares if someone loves a product and wants to sell it?  Who cares if someone just wants to make a little cash on the side to provide more for their family?  How is that any of my business?  Does it directly concern me?  No.  I can scroll on.  I can leave a group.  I can delete a message.

My journey at this point in deciding to sell MONAT and to be involved with this company is different than most.  I do think I was the biggest MLM hater in the world before I saw the light.  I’ve been using these products for literally years.  I became a VIP for the discount.  I because an MP because of the bigger discount.  It was a few weeks after that when I decided to start my own business and to go all in.


  • I will tell you my personal experiences with MONAT products.
  • I will answer any and all questions anyone has about the products.  If I do not have the answer, I will get it for you.
  • I will add you to my Facebook Group if I think you would be interested in these products.  If you are extremely offended, I GET IT.  Leave the group.  We will never speak of it again.
  • I will send you samples!  I have a lot.


  • I will NOT randomly friend request people and message that I notice that they have hair and that the should buy MONAT from me.  All the MONAT.  No.
  • I will NOT bring up that I sell MONAT in conversations that have nothing to do with hair.
  • I will NOT tell you that there is something wrong with you or that you do not know how to use shampoo if you tried MONAT and it didn’t work for you.  It’s a product.  Products do not work on 100% of the population.  It’s ok.
  • I will NOT lie or mislead anyone in order to make a sale.