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Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum hair loss.

We're gonna talk about it. I went through it. I know some of you are currently dealing with it. And others are around the corner from dealing with it.

1. Postpartum hair loss is normal (I didn't know this!). It's most common from three months PP to nine months.

2. It’s technically called telogen effluvium.
The second most common form of any hair loss is the excessive delayed shedding of hair that occurs one to six months following a sudden emotional or physical trauma, such as pregnancy, loss of a loved one, a severe accident, a major surgery or even a hair transplant.

3. Estrogen keeps hair growing during pregnancy...
The APA Web site notes that during pregnancy the level of estrogen hormones in your body increases, which causes hair follicles to remain in the growing phase and stimulates the healthy growth of your hair. During your pregnancy you may notice that your hair looks especially full and healthy.

4. The birth shocks your hair back into its normal growth cycle.
When hair’s normal growth cycle, which occurs in stages, gets disrupted for any reason, it can get stuck in one of the stages. In this case, once hormones return to normal after the delivery of your baby, hair follicles get shocked back into the normal cycle and can get stuck in the telogen, or resting, phase, pushing out all the resting hairs at one time. This results in delayed shedding, which you may notice suddenly in your shower or on your pillow.

5. Postpartum hair loss will improve! Hormones and stress play a HUGE part in hair loss. Helllooooo new baby? Hormones. New baby? Stress. Hormones and stress? hair loss.

If your hair loss is worrying you, have your OB-GYN check your hormone levels.

Avoid tight hairstyles since they can put excessive pressure on shocked follicles and cause additional fall-out and follicle inflammation or secondary infections. If you're gonna wear your hair up (I know you will! hellooooo new baby!!), wear a scrunchie! Like from the 1980s... no one will judge (well... maybe just wear it at home):)

Be gentle in caring for fragile hair, especially when it is wet. DO NOT YANK WET HAIR. This causes breakage like whoa.
Use heated appliances on the coolest setting. 

Pay attention to nutrition and continue to take your multivitamin as prescribed by your physician.

MONAT will help. Absolutely. 100%. It's not causing your PP hair loss to be more severe. If you notice more severe hair loss, research "telogen effluvium" and read up on it! It'll happen regardless of what shampoo you use. But a lot of my PP mommas who are loving Monat have said over and over again that their transition from pregnancy to PP life has been easier thanks to Monat. (Including me!)